Buy KwangJuYo’s Ceramic Ware With 10% Off

Are you looking to buy the best ceramic ware that easily blends with the look and the feel of your new restaurant? Do you want to step away from the usual style of plates and dishware and bring in custom designed ceramic plates, cups, saucers and serving bowls in your restaurant? If you are looking for high quality, unique and custom made ceramic ware to spice up your restaurant, then you need not have to think beyond the popular KwangJuYo brand.  The premium ceramic ware offered by KwangJuYo has now become the most in demand ceramic ware in the restaurant industry.

About the Company 

KwangJuYo is a reputed and well known brand in Korea and has been known to be the pioneer in the household tableware industry right from 1963. The lost and forgotten Chosun white porcelain, Buncheong Porcelain and the Koryo Celadon have all been brought to life by this company. The KwangJuYo products are a household name and have been increasing the value of Korean food culture all over the world. The product catalogue is always on the expansion and the company keeps on refreshing its products to give something new and of high quality for their clients. By expanding its dishware venture into the restaurant industry, KwangJuYo is looking to help restaurants improve their business with quality and unique tableware.

Products Galore

The KwangJuYo tableware has everything that you are looking to use to adorn your dining table. You can buy the best sets of tableware for your homes. You will get countless designs of plates, dinnerware sets, trays, bowls, coffee and tea sets, dessert wares and many more from the house of KwangJuYo. The line of tableware that is popular among ceramic tableware lovers all over the world are: heritage, studio, classic, casual, brassware and modern lines. All the popular chefs like Piora, Thomas Keller, Jinjoo, ManuTerrace and Tony Yoo have their own choice of tableware when it comes to KwangJuYo ceramic ware. So, you will never feel short for choices of unique tableware.

Discounts on Offer

The best part is that the unique tableware can now be bought at discount prices, thanks to the discounts offered on a wide range of products. Apart from regular discounts, you can now also avail the special extra 10% discount offered by the company for customers who shop on their shopping site. If you are looking to buy the unique and high quality ceramic plates, cups or bowls at attractive prices, then  you can make use of the kwangjuyo52’ code to enjoy 10% extra discount over and above all other discounts. This is a special offer for clients as the company is currently celebrating its 52 years of yeomen service for its customers. This is why extra discounts are on offer for many of the KwangJuYo products.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to the website to buy special KwangJuYo dinnerware sets or special bowls, round and square plates and many more at great discount prices. Buy them and welcome the New Year in style.