DIY Tips to Fix Cracks in Your House Foundation

As a DIY exponent you can never profess to know everything there is to know about keeping your house shipshape and making sure that every alteration or maintenance issue seen to is more or less indicative of the work of an expert. That is why, as a DIY enthusiast, you will always be sourcing third party expertise to help you with your alterations, additions and maintenance work.

This article will be focusing on a few tips to help you fix visible and potential cracks in your house’s foundation. Right from the get go and in the spirit of your resourceful quest for further knowledge on how to do the job properly, this article recommends the guidelines laid down in online spaces like How To Identify Foundation Problems – The Ultimate Guide.

Expert Advice

As a DIY practitioner, and upon taking yourself on a full tour through the above suggestion of going through the guidelines, you will be in a good position to carry out your own inspections. But while this may sound like bad news to you, the detection of extreme damage, such as cracks appearing to be beyond repair to the degree that you may have come to the realization that foundations may have to be replaced altogether, then you know it is time to call in the professionals.

They will walk you through what needs to be done, and with their cost estimate, you’ll know that your DIY job is done for the day.

The DIY Tips

  • Dealing with water leakage – Expert advice suggests that the use of plaster to plug cracks where (minimal) water leakage has occurred trumps the use of fiberglass. It is also more cost effective.
  • Extensive remedial repairs – There are repairs that you, as a DIY enthusiast can attend to. But it will still depend on the extent of the damage. Dealing with crawlspaces or basement areas, you’ll be required to use the pier and beam method of repair. There may also be a need to install additional piers to ensure that weight distribution, if necessary, is carried out evenly.
  • Cosmetic touch ups –Minor foundation problems may only require cosmetic repairs which can easily be handled by the layman. But if foundations can no longer bear weight, then it is best left to the foundation repair engineer to attend to necessary repairs.

Congratulations on a Job Well Done

But wait. Such congratulations are reserved if the damage is merely minor. It is your responsibility to ensure that your house remains on solid foundations to ensure the safety of its contents and your family. If you have managed to equip yourself well with the recommended online advice and DIY tips and have then, only then, managed to shore up damage that is a little more extensive, well then, congratulations to you.

But a word to the wise DIY expert. If the damage is that extensive, do not even think of carrying out the repairs alone, not even with a few helping hands well worth the salt to assist you. Call in the experts. It will save you further damage and costs down the line.

Image Credit: Pixabay