Kitchen Windows: Don’t Be Blinded By Your Cooking Space

When it comes to refitting a kitchen, most of us mainly concentrate on the swanky new fridge with the water dispenser, or the oven which is able to cook the whole of Christmas dinner in one-go. Something which is often overlooked is the treatment which dons your windows – with many of us just investing in any set of blinds that the remainder of our budget allows for.

We’re going to tell you not to do the above, and actually start to consider the real repercussions of your window blinds. Admittedly, they aren’t going to cause wholesale problems – but choose the wrong type and you will constantly have to purchase replacements as some blinds just aren’t able to cope with the rigors of day-to-day kitchen life.

Let’s give an example; condensation. It’s one of the biggest problems in the modern-day home and due to the amount of steaming pans and all sorts of other business going on in the kitchen, this is the room which probably receives the largest amount of it. As most of this moisture is attracted to the cold points in the room, such as the windows – it means you need to invest accordingly.

In other words, don’t under any circumstances purchase a product which just isn’t susceptible to moisture. Fabrics should immediately be out of the window (no pun intended) and if you do opt for a roller blind of this type, prepare to see giant stain marks donning the device every time you put your pan of carrots (or vegetable of choice) on to boil. Instead, look for something like faux wood or PVC – two materials which have garnered a superb reputation for dealing with moisture. It’s not just your standard condensation that they will be able to comfortably deal with either; these types of materials can cope with splashes of all shapes and sizes so you can rest easy next time a glass of water goes tippling over.

You don’t have to solely focus on durability though; there are some practical issues to contend with. Most of us will use our kitchen window sill to store all sorts of things on; whether its decorations like plants, or even spices ready to be thrown into our next dish. However, choose the wrong blind and this space has immediately been quashed. This is where the roller blind might come into play and as it takes up such a small amount of room when it does meet with the sill, you’ll be gifted with that elusive extra storage space.

Really, the list could go on. Some people who rely on a largely wooden finish through their kitchen can now turn to the durable faux option. Alternatively, if spicy dishes are your thing, some of the lighter materials that are able to shake off odors more easily could be advisable. We’re just trying to point out some of the basic issues that the modern day kitchen has to contend with – and how your set of blinds can play a big part in all of this.