Top Tips for Choosing a Storage Company

In the current economic climate, many people are choosing to remain in their property rather than have the expense of moving home. While this can be a sensible financial decision, it can cause difficulties if you are rapidly outgrowing your home with new possessions. However, self storage units provide a great solution to this problem, ensuring that you have sufficient space in your home, without needing to sell or donate your treasured possessions. When it comes to choosing a storage company, there are plenty of choices. However, it is important to choose a reputable company to have the reassurance that your possessions are safe and well protected.

Check if the facility is climate controlled:

Whether a facility is climate controlled can be of paramount importance when choosing your storage company. In the moist climate and varied weather conditions of Virginia, delicate household items can easily become damaged. Although you may not have considered the importance of climate control, it is worth remembering that even more robust items contained in a cardboard crate can suffer damage, should the cardboard become damp and musty. Wooden furniture, clothes, linens and paperwork can be especially vulnerable to damp weather conditions.

Check the security:

Many people are wary of self-storage facilities which offer very little in the way of security. Often a padlock is all that stands between your possessions and a potential thief. Therefore, it is worth checking the security standards of the storage company. Inquire who has access to the storage areas and what protection procedures have been established. Reputable and established companies are always happy to explain how comprehensive their security is to reassure potential customers.