Vertical Blinds – Perfect for Awkward Windows

Windows are very important in our homes. They allow us to see out (or in), allow light and thereby heat to come in our property, and, when opened, allow for the circulation of fresh air. However, where windows were once solely practical, they are now becoming decorative as well. This means that they are created in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The problem with this, however, is that it makes it really difficult to attach blinds to them.

Why Have Blinds at All?

For many people, the solution is very simple: don’t have blinds. However, in doing so, they are robbing themselves of various benefits. When you install blinds, you have a far greater amount of control over how much light is allowed into your property. Additionally, you can open your blinds in such a way that you are able to see out, but others are not able to see in. Finally, blinds help to insulate your property, which means you lower your energy bills and carbon footprint and, thereby, help the environment.

The Solution? Vertical Blinds

If you do have awkwardly shaped windows, the best thing to do is install vertical blinds. Not only can these be made to measure, you can often even cut them to size yourself. Additionally, vertical blinds add length to any room, creating an illusion of more space. More often than not, awkwardly shaped windows are long and narrow, and they would look like a prison cell if you were to put horizontal slats on them. Roman blinds are also not a very good option, as these would overpower the room itself. By choosing vertical blinds, however, you can close your window as you see fit and still make sure your room looks classy and wonderful.