Wall Sconces – A Practical and Low-cost Adornment

Wall Sconces Do Not Take Up Much Room

Originally, wall sconces were made to hold candles – back in the days before electricity. Today, wall sconces enhance a décor by holding electric lights as well their antique counterparts. What’s nice about the adornments is that they do not take up a whole lot of space and therefore can fit into out-of-the way spots in the house or even in cramped quarters. Use the sconces for task lighting or to add a soft and restful ambience.

Affix Wall Sconces Next to Pictures

You can use the lighting to underscore the looks of pictures too. Combine the design of a sconce with an adjacent picture frame. Arrange two wall sconces on either side of a picture and center them. You can use this design approach on most wall spaces and in a number decorating schemes.

How to Balance Out the Look

Before placing the wall sconces next to the picture, measure the area. If you are working with a large wall space, make sure you provide an additional amount of room on each side of the picture to balance out the look. You don’t want the sconces and picture to look isolated on the wall nor do you want them to look too crowded.

Using Wall Sconces as Reading Lights

If you like to read, you can use wall sconces as decorative yet practical reading lights. Line up sconces next to the picture. The bottom of the picture frame should in alignment with the bottom of the sconces. This symmetrical arrangement offers more light for reading than centering the sconces around a picture or print.

Balancing Out the Grouping

Besides using two sconces, you might also consider using three wall sconces in a picture arrangement. Place, two sconces on each side of the two pictures and one sconce in the middle of the two images. Make sure you provide enough space for the outside sconces as you do for the sconce that is positioned in the middle. Check out the sconces displayed online, especially at LightingPros 360 for further details.